The White Tiger – Arvind Adiga’s Tale

This book was lying on my bookshelf and I didn’t bother to pay attention until one day when there was power outage and equipment that cannot function without power were useless for my entertainment. I decide to pick book as an option and who would have thought that this red cover pager book would be such a piece of work that I wouldn’t drop it until I finished the last page. “The White Tiger” wasn’t my first choice for first few months because my taste those days changed to spiritual and motivational writing and fiction took a backseat. Had I known Arvind’s writing potential, I would have read the book long time ago.

The tale is narrated by character “Balram Halwai” playing roles of a servant, philosopher, entrepreneur and murderer too. Coming from a penurious background he gives a heart touching insight to his experiences in a very sarcastic and funny way. Writing a letter of an entrepreneur journey to Mr Wen Jiabao in Beijing, Balram Halwai starts by saying “Neither you nor I can speak English, but there are some things that can be said only in English”  and this followed by many nerve tickling and satirical phrases. Starting his life from a village where he works in a teashop, Balram never knew that opportunity will present itself so soon. His life changes when he is selected as a chauffer for a rich landlord and moves to Delhi where many such experiences were awaiting his arrival. The best part is how Arvind Adiga manages to highlight India’s major issues like poverty, greed, hunger and many more in a very satirical manner which not only gives a hearty laugh to its reader but will make them question the issues India is facing even after independence.

I loved the book to be honest and recommend it to everyone who doubt the talent exhibited by Indian writers. Not to mention, Arvind Adiga won Man Booker prize for this book.




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