The Bestseller She Wrote – My take on the book

Besides what’s mentioned as a synopsis at the back of the book, this book promises to glue its reader to the core, making them anticipate every other scene. Honestly I am quite impressed with the writing style because it matches my taste. The story moves at a rapid pace where scene’s narration was quite precise, and most of it gave chills while giving some twist to the tale.

The story begins with an Indian writer crowned as the ”bestseller” getting cross questioned by a young voracious reader. The question answer round was an unpleasant experience not only for the writer but for the girl as well who criticized his money-grubbing approach towards the books. She ends up reading one of his books and ultimately becomes his huge fan, to the extent that she decides to take his place. Where can the story take its turn when a fan tries to take the bestseller’s place? I cannot be more of a spoiler here but all I can say is “please read the book to know more”.. 

My feedback – Well I finished this 391 pager book in a day to be precise. I began reading thinking I would keep a target of 20 pages in a day to finish the book but was taken aback when I couldn’t leave it unless I finished the last page by the end of the day. I haven’t experienced something like this in a long long time and I can say with confidence that I am now a Ravi Subramanian’s fan.

P.S – The intent of this blog is to give people an overview of the theme of the book and thereby the reader’s can pick and choose as per their taste. If you find this review helpful, please don’t forget to give it a thumps up 


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